Why, hello there! My name is Eimear and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Who are you, you ask? I shall tell you a little about myself!

I was born and raised in the emerald isle that is Ireland. Fast forward 18 years and I found myself starting a whole new adventure by moving to the UK to study in Cardiff.

Several trips away with friends later, my love for travel started to make a reappearance. I decided to book my first solo trip and then started planning more adventures. I wanted a place that I could write about my travels and maybe even possibly help others with theirs.

And so, voila! The Emerald E was born!

The Emerald E is a place for me to share all of my travel adventures with you all! However, as I am not a full time traveller, I will also be posting about everyday life as a female in her twenties!

You can expect tips and tricks in all aspects of travel, some guides to places I’ve been and all the good stuff in between.

So sit back, relax and come on this new adventure with me, The Emerald E!